The Vibrant Roof

Vibrant Roof & Solar LLC was created with the homeowner in mind. The big contractors charge way too much money and the local guy is unprofessional.  Nick, the owner of Vibrant found a way to team up with the best installers and product partners in the state of FL to provide the best pricing on the market with great guarantees.

When pricing out a roof or solar project, make sure you consult with Vibrant to help ensure your getting the most for your money.

"Vibrant by far had the best price and matched what the bigger companies were offering. "

- Garth (Mulberry, FL)

"Nick applied ZERO pressure. He simply provided us options and allowed us to choose what we liked. We quickly knew Nick was experienced and would ensure the job was done well"

- Margarette (Orlando, FL)

Your home is in good hands.

Our contractors can't wait to start work on your dream home.



That's right. Each of our contractors has been certified for over 10 years.



We love what we do and it shows in our work, and on the faces of our employees.



It's your dream, we're here to help you make it. No egos included.

What we do

We believe it is important to specialize in specific fields. In roofing or solar a "jack of all trades" model doesn't work well. This is why Vibrant has brought together the best in class for each step of the way!


As Floridians, we do a lot of Roofing! Whether it's an old roof or its damaged from a storm. Vibrant is ready to help.

  • Shingle, Tile, Metal
  • We handle permits, inspections, materials
  • Top Brands GAF, Owens Corning etc.
  • Long Warranties on Labor and Materials
  • Best Pricing
  • No money out of pocket options (No money down)
  • Referral Programs


Our country is moving towards solar energy. By 2025 the majority of our energy will be coming from Solar. Are you ready to stop renting your electric and save money?

  • Free Custom Solar Proposals
  • Top Equipment available such as Enphase, Tesla
  • Longest Warranty in the industry
  • Simple process where we handle every step along the way
  • No money out of pocket options (No money down)

5 Biggest Surprises about Solar

These are the 5 things that surprise our customers the most during our consultation!


Zero Out-Of-Pocket

There are no up-front costs. By the time your solar bill arrives in the mail, you electric bill is eliminated! Simple as that!


Cheaper Bill Immediately

In a lot of cases, the homeowner saves money immediately. Short-term and long-term savings is always a good thing!


Tax Incentives

The Federal Government is chipping in a tax credit of 30% this year on your purchase! Can you say hello big tax refund check?


Protection From Utility Rate Hikes

Never again will you need to worry about Duke, TECO or FPL raising their rates. It's like locking in gasoline prices from 1990 for the rest of your life!


Great Financing Options

Solar financing is typically 0.99%-5% for up to 25 years! Makes it easy to buy for anyone!

What Direction Have Electric Rates Gone?

Going solar is a big decision. We want you to be totally confident in your investment. Our free consultation can help answer some important questions you have about powering your home with the sun.



We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Solar costs can vary quite a bit. The good news is that whether it is a $10k or $100k system, it will be designed to save you money. Solar financing is also available.

What if I sell my house?

Transferring your solar loan/lease is as simple as transferring your electricity. Even better, solar is now an enticing feature for homebuyers and raises home value!

What happens if the power goes out?

With solar, you are still connected to the grid. So unless you have battery back-up storage, you will also be without power temporarily.

How do you know how many panels I need?

Every solar system is custom designed based of your home and electric usage over the past 12 months.  

What if I have an old roof?

Roof age and quality matters. Fortunately, Vibrant specializes in both Solar and Rofing.  

Are there incentives to go solar?

Yes! The federal government is providing a 30% ITC (tax credit) to homeowners who go solar in 2022 and 2023. In example: Solar system cost $20k x 30% = $6k of credit towards your taxes.

Here's are the next steps.


Fill out some basic information to book your consultation.

Choose a date and time for your on-site consultation.

We design a solar panel system that’s optimized for your home.

We provide your quote right on the spot.

Our Quote is Guaranteed.

No one likes surprises—especially when it comes to big investments. That’s why we provide you with a (small) price range and guarantee that the number on your final invoice lands within it.

Why Switch to Solar?

Solar panels can save you thousands of dollars on electricity bills over their lifespan, and offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to power your home.

How Much Does it Cost?

That depends on the size and location of your home, the design required, as well as the panels you choose. The goal is SAVINGS!

What Else is Required?

Our consultation includes a complete breakdown of material, design, and labor costs, as well as what the process will look like. You’ll fully understand the scope of the project.

We were looking for a way to save money on our bills and do our part for the environment. From assessing our property and educating us on different options available, to providing an accurate quote and fast turnaround time, Nick did a tremendous job. We wish we had installed them years earlier!


Apollo Beach

No Pressure or Commitment.

As a customer-first company and our goal is to educate and inspire—not sell. If you decide that a solar panel installation isn’t for you after you get your consultation, no problem.

Low Interest Financing Available.

We know the up-front cost of going solar can seem steep. We offer low-interest financing for up to 25 years, allowing you to pay a little as you go and start enjoying the savings earlier on.

See if solar is right for you.

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to get a quote.

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